You Can Do It Education at Avenel Primary School

At Avenel Primary School, our main purpose for introducing the You Can Do It! Education program is to support our learning community (students, parents, teachers) in a collective effort to optimise the social, emotional, and academic outcomes of all young people.

This Terms “You Can Do It” weekly winners are:

Ben Morgan – his engagement in reflective tasks around setting and achieving personal learning goals.
Olivia Nash – for knowing her goals and how to achieve them.

Heath Lane – for understanding his learning goals, practicing and proving that he has mastered his focus skill.
Gus Garner – for the hard work and progress he has made in his spelling goals.
Neo Thornton – for his thoughtful development of long term future goals and identification of how to achieve them.

Isobel Elston – for identifying ways to improve her organisation.
Amelia O’Brien – for her awareness of her own learning goals.
Hannah Calderwood – for the hard work and progress she has made in her spelling goals.
Blake Ezard – for identifying a learning goal in literacy and how to go about achieving it.



YCDI focuses on developing the social and emotional capabilities that all young people need to acquire in order to be successful. At Avenel Primary, we believe that students should experience success not only in their learning, but in positive relationships, developing a sense of wellbeing, and being able to make a positive contribution to others and the community (good citizenship).

The 5 Keys of You Can Do It ! Education

Our core purpose is the development of young people’s social and emotional capabilities, including:

  1. Confidence (academic and social)
  2. Persistence
  3. Organisation
  4. Getting Along
  5. Resilience

Central to the development of these 5 Key Foundations is instilling in young people 12 Habits of the Mind, including:

  1. Accepting Myself
  2. Taking Risks
  3. Being Independent
  4. I Can Do It
  5. Giving Effort
  6. Working Tough
  7. Setting Goals
  8. Planning My Time
  9. Being Tolerant of Others
  10. Thinking First
  11. Playing by the Rules, and
  12. Social Responsibility

This term, all, students across the school will be receiving lessons on the Organisation capability and the key skills of Planning My Time and Setting Goals.